ENERGY – Composition 09

A wealth of surprising solutions to better organize space in the kitchen.
The bases and columns are presented with a delicate Noce Juta finish, combined with the HPL Vintage Fumè Cuore Nero stratified worktop and Grigio Perla open unit.
The no. 103 steel handle and the Brunito h.6 cm plinth complete the environment..


Modern kitchens - Lyon’s

The blind corner base is an optimal solution to open the unit on both sides and is also available with the door opening in the opposite direction.

Modern kitchens - Lyon’s

In the column with Blum removable baskets, only 2/5 of the weight are loaded onto the door. A series of advantages are thus guaranteed: greater capacity, less bending of the door and maximum comfort in sliding.

Modern kitchens - Lyon’s

Adding open elements inthe base and wall units lightens the structure and gives a personal touch to the environment. With Lyon's you can also create the furniture you designed.

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