"Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated" -Paul Rand- Our new collection is the perfect match for today's tastes and color trends. Wood finishing and a selection of colors inspired by fashion, to create a personal and unique living space.

The compositions


Lyon's excellence

Sigma doors in Alcorcell®

ALKORCELL® is a decorative film based on polypropylene for surface design. The versatile film is easily processed using flat lay or thermoforming techniques. Produced using a unique combination of printing and shaping techniques, the films have an interesting touch finish.

Matt UV lacquered Kira doors

The excimer process In this new method, the excimer liquid coating is UV cured. The advantages are: Surfaces extremely resistant to scratches and abrasion, increased surface hardness, soft-touch effect, anti-fingerprint characteristics, color retention over time.

75 cm carcases

Increased modules for bases, wall units and columns, with the introduction of the new 75 cm width. By placing 2 75 cm modules side by side, we can also use the 150 cm front in fusion.